Cold and Icy Lugnaqullia Mountain, Wicklow

Photos from Lugnaqullia today. 






Crackbird – a different kind of restaurant

I love chicken.  I’m sure I’m not alone here.  So a restaurant I really love to pop into is Crackbird.  They offer a variety of very tasty chicken dishes and sauces.

Owned by JoBurger, this restaurant is located on 60 Dame street,  Dublin.

As an added incentive,  Crackbird offer a free main course for two for anyway who tweets a date and time and includes #tweetseats (depending on availability of course).  There twitter account is @crackBIRDdublin.

Mmm…  Chicken…


Updates to Howth Loop Walks on WhatToDoDublin

I noticed the links on WhatToDoDublin for Howth Loop Walks were not working anymore as the website HowthLoopPaths is down. I have updated the content on our website thanks to There are four Howth loop walks. The link to each is below. I hope to start adding more walks to the website throughout the year for Dublin and Wicklow. If you have any recommendations, we would love to hear about them. Happy hiking!








Things NOT to do in Ireland

The World of Trinity

Dear humans,

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are a lot of great travel blogs out there. I could do a list of the “Top 23.5 things to do in Ireland in December.” But that will be boring and repetitive.  So instead I decided to write this article about “Things NOT TO DO in Ireland!”  I am basically starting like the evening news (because the evening news is where they begin with ‘Good evening’, and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t). So, without further ado, here is the list:

1. Don’t just stay at home:


Staying home and kicking back is fun, and sometimes needed, but it does nothing to capture the essence of what Ireland has to offer. In short, don’t just cuddle up in your comfy blanket with a warm cocoa watching re-runs of your favourite/guilty pleasure T.V show. Get up, and enjoy what Ireland has to offer.

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Kicking this off!

So while this website is still very much a work in progress I’ve made it public yesterday and set up the twitter account @whattododublin. The aim of this website is to gather all the great events/tours/museums around the greater Dublin area. At the moment I’ve put in some of the main ones I know of or have done in the last few years but I hope to add or get suggestions. 

Also keen on documenting good hikes and cycle for when the weather picks up again.

guinness SHKilmainham Gaol

20140413_115136Bog Body