Drive-In Halloween Movies @Tattersalls Country House

If you haven’t already gone this year, you should check out the drive-in Halloween movies on at the grounds of Tattersalls Country House (Near Fairyhouse Racecourse in Meath). It’s been running since the 23rd October and this weekend it finishes with movies like Psycho, The Birds, The Omen & Deliverance. There are also kids movies on during the day and Pretty Woman is on Sunday evening for some reason! It’s only 30-40 minutes drive from Dublin.

It cost 25 euro per car but recommend upgrading to 27 euro for front-row spaces. They have food stalls there but bring your own snacks and a blanket! Also, don’t forget to clean your windscreen before you so and that your radio is working! You tune into a radio station for the audio. Finally, mind your car battery! There is someone every time who leaves on a light or something in the car other than the radio and drains the battery. Don’t worry though, they have guys there to jump start it.

Don’t forget to book your tickets, print them and bring them along!


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